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Additional (plus sign “suggested by frequent icon”) is one of the four basic functions of the arithmetic; Others are subtraction, multiplication, and sections. After two integers, the total number of combined values ​​is. In the picture on the left, for example, a mixture of three apples and two apples form together, resulting in total five apples. This observation is similar to the mathematical expression “3 + 2 = 5”, that is, “add 3 is equal to 5”.

In addition to calculating objects, complete definitions such as integers, real numbers, and complex numbers can be defined as an additional definition. This arithmetic is related to the mathematical branch. In algebra, another area of ​​mathematics can be added to abstract objects such as joints and matrices.

There are many important properties in the joints. That is the order, which means that the order does not matter and it is an associate. That is, if no more than two numbers are added, then the order in which order is made more (no summary). , Is like a repeating addition count of 1. No change in numbers beyond 0 Following the estimated rules for related operations such as joints and subtraction.

Implementation is one of the simplest numerical functions. Toddler is easy to assemble very small numbers; The most basic function, 1 + 1, can be done by infants by five months younger and some other species. In elementary school, students learn to start with a one-digit number and add numbers to the decimal system to overcome more difficult problems. Mechanical equipment is from old Abacus to modern computers, where this day’s most efficient implementation is done.

The numbers or objects added to common links are collectively known as words, [4] Additionally [5], [6], [7] or summaries. [8] This terminology is summarized in many situations. It is to be separated from the factors being multiplied. Some authors add the first pair. [5] [6] [7] In fact, many authors do not consider adding “add” for the first time during the Renaissance. Except comercial properties, “weird” is rarely used today, and both conditions are commonly referred to as joints. [9]

All the above words are from Latin. “Editions” and “Ed” are the English words derived from the Latin verb adverts, which in turn have the courage to give the advertised cycle of “Proto-Indo-European Root * Body”. ; How to Add [9] The result of Gerundives “result”, suffix-rd results with “add cheese” results. Similarly, to “grow”, a “moving” is to “extend things”.

In the 15th century, one of the first English arithmetic texts was a frequent representation of the noting of art. [10]
Latin noun receives “yoga” and “synopsis” from the “highest, highest” and related action summary. This is simply not true because the number of two positive numbers is much greater than that, but unlike the modern method of advancing ancient Greek and Roman, it was generally going to go upwards, so the amount actually adds more, [11] add a date to at least Bethius And summaries, if not earlier Roman authors like Vitruvius and Frontinas; Bauthius also used many other terms for additional operations. Later, the English word “aden” and “junk” were popular with chaucer.